The group's research work - while sharing a common set of lines of research - is organized as concrete research projects: (See videos on Robcib youtube channel HERE)

  • RF-WIPE Wireless Sensor Networks for Planetary Exploration
  • Moon Hound Rover for the ESA Lunar Robotics Challenge (blog here)
  • RHEA Robot Fleets for Highly Effective Agriculture and Forestry Management.
  • ROTOS Multi-robot system for outdoor infraestructure protection
  • FRACTAL Fleet of cooperative aerial and terrestrial robots.
  • NMRS Networked multi-robot system
  • BaLTS BABA Aircraft Lift Trajectory Simulator
  • MICROMULT Multiconfigurable microrobotic systems.
  • PISA Flexible assembly systems through workplace-sharing and time-sharing human-machine cooperation
  • RoboCity 2030 innovative integration of Service Robots, in an effort to increase the quality of living of citizens in metropolitan areas
  • VAMPIRA Guidance, navigation and control of autonomous aerial vehicles.
  • FEMAB Anti-bruxism instrumented splint.

More information is available at each project's section of this website.