Past projects

Past Projects

During the last 20 years, the Robotics and Cybernetics Group has been fortune to contribute to the Robotics Development within Spain and Europe, by introducing several robotics platforms, and developing state-of-the-art methodologies for: autonomous robot navigation, robot design and construction, modeling and control, among others.

A list of some relevant proyects is listed below:

  • DISAM I manipulator prototype
  • DISAM I Flexible System
  • Robot Scara SEIRO R-65
  • SIRO Robotic Inspection System
  • Automation of a stock picking (BUBI)
  • GRC automatic panel fabrication
  • Intelligent Excavator Tele-operation (RETINA)
  • Redundant control system for Robot maintenance of steam generators
  • Preparation of samples for testing new drugs
  • Robot asembly for computer Integrated Construction (ROCCO)
  • Robot teleoperado para trabajos en tensión (ROBTET)
  • HEROIC: Hydro-Erosion for reapair insitu concrete
  • Effect: Efecto de Factores Funcionales en Telemanipulación
  • Low cost Semi-Autonomous Robot for cleaning (CAFE)
  • Automatic detection of surfance contamination (SPOT)

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