RoboCity 2030

The objective of Robocity2030 is to develop an innovative integration of two groups of applications of Service Robots, in an effort to increase the quality of living of citizens in metropolitan areas. This means that the human is now the centre of things and the Service Robots are developed from, for and to the benefit of humans. To do so, the project brings together and coordinates the research of six Service Robot groups, plus representative from the Community of Madrid, with some 70 projects of R+D in robotics in the past five years, a third of which are European.


The consortium groups focus exclusively on Robotics, have 25 years of experience in the subject, are pioneers at the national and international level, and have complementary knowledge on the subject. This allows for the consolidation and strengthening of the lines of multi-discipline and inter-organizational research. In conclusion, the project has been set up as a quality cooperative research project.


The applications of Service Robots that this programs proposes, focuses on metropolitan areas of the Community of Madrid, and can be divided into two major groups:


1) Quality of life in open areas

2) Quality of life in closed areas.


In the first case, the idea is to study the impact of Service Robots in infrastructures and urban streets used by citizens daily, focusing on applications such as the construction, maintenance, inspection and surveillance of streets, bridges, buildings, etc.. Security and the status of infrastructures are vital for our society. In the second case, the idea is to make the life of citizen within everyday closed spaces, such as houses and offices, easier, more pleasant and trouble-free. This group of application is oriented towards an ample sector of the population such as the elderly, children and handicapped, who, in many cases, need permanent help in hospital, schools and at home.


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